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Big Data

Get a competitive advantage with our reliable and secure data integration and management

[row_fluid] [span6] In a data-driven world, how your corporation handles data integration and management—especially Big Data—is crucial to business growth and competing in the future. Exposyour takes advantage of Big Data opportunities by ensuring performance, reliability, scalability, and security. To leverage the value of Big Data, you need an infrastructure that can manage and process huge volumes of both structured and unstructured data consistently, securely, and quickly. Speed is vital in data processing, and some Internet of Things applications require an immediate response or real-time evaluation to fix problems. Exposyour has the expertise to handle this. We have a team of expert developers who provide solutions to issues that impede implementation of Big Data. We quickly diagnose problems and resolve them. We work with the latest technologies, such as mongoDB and Cloudera, and have extensive knowledge and experience with Hadoop, Hortonworks, Pig, Hive, and Big Data analytics. [/span6] [span6] What We Do • Multi Node Cluster Configuration • Implementation of C# Map Reduction with HDP • Hive Query Language Implementation • Pig implementation with Pig Latin • Implementation of Business Intelligence Tool Pentaho • Implementation of Business Intelligence Tool Excel [/span6] [/row_fluid]  
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