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Content Marketing + our premium writers make you run faster, jump higher and score more points-with search rankings, that is.

[row_fluid] [span6] Premium Writer Service-Online Marketing Solutions Ever wondered why some of the popular brands such as Nike, Coke, and Budweiser are capable of evoking emotions? This is because each of these brands is a single identity that drives people to stay loyal to the brand. Powerful brands earn a space in the minds of the market, like a mental picture. They make the buying decision easy. Why Content Marketing? • You want professional, rigorously trained, US-based writers who have achieved our highest quality rating. • You want every article audited for quality by our senior editors. • Your business is in a competitive space. Superior creativity and sophistication will set you apart. • News-oriented content marketing is designed to grab headlines. Establish yourself as a leading industry authority with a mention or insightful quote in a timely, relevant news story. • Conventional writing just won’t do. You want to stand out. You want a unique voice and style that demands attention. Our most talented writers can be provocative, humorous, scientific, educational, analytical, passionate, reflective, controversial…or a mix of styles. Your choice!   [/span6] [span6] contentmarketing  Click on the infographic to view larger [/span6] [/row_fluid]
[row_fluid] [span6] Take it Up Another Notch Our SEO Infographics will take content marketing to the extreme. We combine the viral nature of trending industry news with provocative infographics that command attention. Watch Our Premium Content Go to Work for You You have a specialized business. Extra time and attention is paid to understanding the precise nature of your business and developing insightful content. We write, edit and position your Press releases for pick up by media sites and search engines. With our Premium Press Releases you are guaranteed distribution to search engines, news sites, journalists and bloggers. [/span6] [span6] Our Premium Writer Service offers [toggle_framed framed=”true” accordion_group=”true”] [/toggle] [toggle title=”100% U.S.-Based Writers”] All writers are native English speakers and work together in our workspace, allowing for collaboration, mentoring and consultation with editors.[/toggle] [toggle title=”Content Marketing Savvy”]Writers receive continuous training in content marketing tactics and participate in professional development workshops.[/toggle] [toggle title=”SEO Savvy”]Writers are skilled in combining your topics and keywords into articulate and unique articles with an eye toward SEO.[/toggle] [toggle title=”Quality Score”]Writers are scored on style, grammar, spelling, originality, creativity, keyword usage and skill in incorporating your input into the article. 100% Audited Content[/toggle] [toggle title=”Experience, Talent and Skill”]Ability to generate creative ideas, use a variety of writing techniques and styles and develop a writing voice suited to your unique business.[/toggle] [/toggle_framed]   [/span6] [/row_fluid]
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