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Modular Trade Show Exhibits

From straight and angular shapes to ergonomic, flowing one’s, Exposyour manufactures a full spectrum of beautiful fabric-based exhibits, environments, and structures, portable to custom.

To truly make a lasting impression on your clients, you need extraordinary presentation and marketing skills. Exposyour’s Modular Exhibition System provides an ideal platform to develop conceptual ideas into modular exhibition stands that will truly make you stand out of the crowd. Exposyour’s custom modular trade show exhibits not only bring the unique style of your business to your clients with a single look, but also are equipped with the benefits of lightweight modularity that will dramatically reduce your costs. At Exposyour, you have a wide set of a technical resources at your perusal, where you can not only create small, portable exhibition stands to high-end custom built display stands. Investing in Exposyour’s modular trade show exhibits will provide you with a lifetime of versatility, as they are engineered to be integrated across multiple applications, profiles, accessories, and environments, and reconfigured as per the changing demands of the industry. Exposyour blends its exceptional custom design expertise with its reliable, easy-to-use modular exhibits, to deliver tangible results for your business. GRAND FORMAT GRAPHICS & FINISHING To stimulate your clients visually and maximize the impact of your presentation, graphics are quintessential. Exposyour boasts of the latest state-of-the-art printing technology with large format printing capabilities that have a remarkable output rate of 3,600 sq. ft. of fabric per hour! All fabric graphics are produced and finished by hand by hand skilled craftsmen in the USA to ensure perfect fit, highest quality and to ensure that you stand apart from your competitors.

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Organic Shapes to Mix & Match

Manufactured in the USA, Exposyour displays are designed with a large variety of interchangeable parts to create back walls, pedestals, counters, stands and display panels. We couple lightweight structural materials, such as high-grade tension fabrics, aluminum, and Plexiglas, with stretch, zipper pillowcase fabric graphics to create shapes that foster simultaneous action, emotion and movement within and around your environment. They can not only be assembled conveniently into and outside space-saving packaging, but also lower shipping and handling costs.

Retail Solutions

modular exhibits give you big graphics and messaging and are sturdy for retail settings or any other applications with heavy traffic.

Specialty Fabrics

Built to last for centuries, Exposyour builds each and every display with the highest quality materials and is strong, durable and delivers performance. We use a plethora of high-quality printable materials to create fabric displays and structures. Namely polyester materials such as satin, stretch, sheer, backlit fabrics and more to present you the widest range of displays to choose from.

Radiant Lighting

Illumination is an important piece of this puzzle, and you can achieve the perfect mood, style and staging that you desire with a radiant lighting system. With vibrant LED lighting kits and solutions, Exposyour provides a perfect balance of fabric and lighting to create an impactful presence and to make your project glow!

Quick, Easy Installation

Exposyour systems are designed for quicker and easier installation than competing systems, whether it’s your team or professional installers.

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