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Portable Displays

At Exposyour, we build unique systems and Brand engaging displays.

Portable exhibits are a must have for every business that wants to remain relevant in today’s fast paced world. These displays provide quick bullets of information and can be set up anywhere, which can be useful when dealing with today’s clientele. Exposyour has been the pioneer of portable exhibits for many years. Because we understand what our clients want, and in accordance to this, we use the best of materials and services to produce striking yet easy functional portable displays and exhibitions. We offer a variety of exhibits, with the most popular of our offerings being the back wall display, which is very useful for large graphical displays. We also provide banner displays that have a huge visual impact, are extremely flexible and can be changed quite easily. For small spaces, tabletop displays are quite efficient, effective and portable. Such an exclusive, wide range of choice does not come at a price that would require a large marketing budget. Exposyour’s portable stands are economical and highly suitable and effective for micro, small and medium enterprises, enabling them to reach out to a wider populace at a low cost. At Exposyour, we believe that businesses excel with the marketing it does, and good marketing is built at grass root levels with portable exhibits. So invest in the right exhibits and take your business to new dimensions! The Exposyour’s Truss System requires NO TOOLS for set up! Installation couldn’t be easier, simply twist & lock. The specially designed connectors are simple to use, strong & secure. Orbital Express Truss exhibits can be reconfigured in multiple ways using the same parts, enabling you to have a different exhibit for each show!

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Exposyour manufactures each and every exhibit using quality materials that ensure superior portability, yet have a premium feel. Exposyour’s products are constructed to withstand years of use and will perform for you, show after show.


Exposyour portable displays are great for do-it-yourself exhibitors. They are lightweight and designed for quick, easy installation with a simple twist & lock. The specially designed connectors are simple to use, strong & secure. Exposyour exhibits can be reconfigured conveniently in multiple ways using the same parts so that you have a different exhibit for each show!


To deliver essential points of information, the main aim of exhibits and structures is to catch the eye of prospective customers at the first glance. To ensure this, Exposyour uses high-quality graphics and imaging with cutting-edge printing technology to ensure that the customer is attracted to the exhibit visually and looks no further.


One of the areas where Exposyour has managed to excel is the flexibility of our portable exhibits. A successful corporation cannot bring out the same exhibition every year, and every new invention and growth has to be projected to ensure that the corporation stays strong. Our exhibits are highly flexible and can be reconfigured and customized with extensions, increasing the bang for your buck.


Exposyour dealers know the exhibition platform inside out. Our sales representative team is dedicated, receptive to the specific demands of the clients and guides them throughout their journey with us. We will not only analyze your objectives and provide the best custom solutions suited to you, but also empower you to enhance your virtual experience. (unlike our competitors who drive you to purchase online only!)

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