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Product Development

We take your innovative product idea and make it a reality

[row_fluid] [span6] Creating a new product is ambitious and frightening at the same time. Will it work? Is there a market for it? Where to start? Thankfully, Exposyour has a team of experts who know how to make your concept a reality. Our developers create exceptional products that stand out in the market and give you a distinct competitive advantage. We do this by first listening to your ideas, researching the market, and developing software products with the end users in mind. Through our research and experience, we ensure your product provides users with unique benefits and features that the market demands. [/span6] [span6] How We Do It [toggle_framed framed=”true” accordion_group=”true”] [/toggle] [toggle title=”Concept & Visualization”]We work with your product vision and provide insight, tools, and expertise to shape it into a distinct product concept that is user friendly, innovative, and customized for the intended market.[/toggle] [toggle title=”Product Definition”]We define the process of product development which includes: product specifications, hardware and software platforms, time frame, usability, test procedures, and release deadlines.[/toggle] [toggle title=”Prototype”]After defining the product, we create prototypes that portray options for direction of the product and give you opportunity to shape the path forward.[/toggle] [toggle title=”Architecture”]We develop sound architecture of the product after analyzing the hardware and software platforms as well as maintenance and support requirements.[/toggle] [toggle title=”Development”]Our hybrid team of local and global developers builds the product according to specifications.[/toggle] [toggle title=”Testing and Delivery”]We thoroughly test the product against original specifications, using both manual and automated tests.[/toggle] [toggle title=”Implementation and Support”]We work with you in implementation and product launch. We prepare the user manual, training, and maintenance & support.[/toggle] [toggle title=”Future Enhancements”]As discussed in product definition stage, we work with you for future versions of your software product to continually enhance user experience.[/toggle] [/toggle_framed] [/span6] [/row_fluid]  
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