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Think Your Video Ads Are Seen Online? A New Study From Google Proves Otherwise

The industry of digital marketing is struggling with low viewability, and in this line of work viewability is the name of the game. Google has recently published a study and according to its findings 46% of video ads displayed will never be seen by the audience. Opposed to this relatively ‘small’ percentage, 91% of ads served on YouTube will be seen. However, the issue of viewability varies depending on the platform on which the ad is served on. Desktop users have the option to simply switch their tab in order to avoid ads which results in a 53% viewability rate. Viewing ads on mobile web and tablets are much more effective and these rates jump to 83%. In order to bump up these numbers, Google strongly encourages using its TrueView formats which allow advertisers to pay only when someone chooses to view their ad. This eliminates unnecessary expenses for ads which visitors simply ignore. Apart from promoting its ad platform, Google offers advice and insight into issues of viewability in order to help advertisers improve the effectiveness of their marketing strategies. One important thing not taken into consideration when it comes to these issues is the ever increasing number of people who use AdBlock software to remove ads altogether regardless of video ad format and platform on which the ad is served on. viewability-think-google4viewability-think-google2viewability-think-google1 viewability-think-google3 Source/Images: Think with Google Author: ZLATAN ĐURIĆ


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