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Wayfinding Signage

From office signs to street light banners, Exposyour’s SignPro Systems™ is proud to offer such an extensive product line.

Whether you’re in a hospital, a shopping mall or an office building you need to devise a simple, efficient navigational tool for your clients, who are unfamiliar with their surroundings, and direct them to their destination effortlessly. To guide their paths, Exposyour’s SignPro Systems™ present the widest range of dynamic and affordable wayfinding signage systems, which help your clients in staying informed and engaged with their surroundings, and navigate buildings with ease. Exposyour’s modular wayfinding signage are designed to be low maintenance, versatile, cost-effective, durable and, above all, keeping visitors engaged with their environment. Take a deep dive into our full catalog of directional indoor signs that range from wall frames, projecting signs, suspended signs, triangular signs, desk signs, poster frames, directories, suspended signs and self-standing pylons, and take your clients to their true destination. All wayfinding signs are built using a wide range of environmental-friendly materials, finishes, styles and graphics, and accommodate a multitude of sign substrates and fabrication methods, from printed paper inserts, mounted with protective lens, to laminated prints, cut vinyl, photopolymer, ADA faces, engraved plastics, metal and more. Our project managers design the signs after rigorous planning, determining visitor flows, thorough study of the precise function of your building, navigational demands and your organization’s identity and philosophy. From door and floor signs to nameplates and display panels, Exposyour’s signage solutions are designed to blend effortlessly with your office environment and navigate distinctly and intelligently.

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