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At Exposyour, we build unique online systems and user journeys.

Do you remember your visit to a deluxe resort? The rooms were luxurious and comforting, and the staff service exceeded your expectations. At Exposyour, we want to give you the same experience when designing your website. Your website is the reception desk, the attendant and guide for your business, the luxurious place that makes people want to come back for more. Website Design That Fit Your Business At Exposyour, our team of web designers creates designs that reflect your business culture, gets you noticed and keeps you remembered. We believe that a website design is more than a pretty face. Whilst being aesthetically alluring, it should also exude brilliance. Exposyour creates websites that scream beauty and brains, with conceptualized custom design, usability and conversion strategy. Who said you can’t have it all?

[row_fluid] [span6] Web Development Exposyour is expert at helping your business get the most out of the Internet. We can position your business for the best spot on the block. Whether it’s a basic content management system (CMS) driven website, a custom web application, or a mobile application, Exposyour is the right firm for you. We’ll take in account your needs and create a cost-effective solution that is well aligned with your goals. So whatever your needs are, our team can develop the tools to enhance your business – inside and out. [/span6] [span6] [toggles_group caption=”” tagline=”” toggles_title_color=”rgba(107,53,152,1)” framed=”true” toggles_frame_color=”rgba(228,224,230,1)” accordion_group=”true” animation=”scale-up”] [toggle title=”Things that Matter“] The most efficient way for us to get a website done is to understand you, your business, mission and your expectations. We do not waste time in coming up with random design models that are nowhere near reflective of your business. [/toggle] [toggle title=”Knowing your Audience“] We take the audience of your website as the road map to how it is designed. We aim to understand your targeted audience and put together a website that will give them what they are looking for. [/toggle] [toggle title=”Your Business, Your Website“]As we design your website, we never forget that this is your website, not ours. We want it to be something you feel proud of. You will only experience our professional advice and expertise as we guide you through the process. [/toggle] [/toggle] [toggle title=”Make That 5 Seconds Count“] It takes just 5 seconds for your website visitors to decide whether they want to hang around or leave. People look for instant results, and you have only 5 seconds to make an impression.[/toggle] [/toggles_group] [/span6] [/row_fluid]
[row_fluid] [span6] [toggles_group caption=”” tagline=”” toggles_title_color=”rgba(107,53,152,1)” framed=”true” toggles_frame_color=”rgba(228,224,230,1)” accordion_group=”true” animation=”scale-up”] [toggle title=”Added functionality? “] From simple content management systems too complex eCommerce platforms, we develop high-end web applications from scratch. [/toggle] [toggle title=”More interaction? “] We can integrate online audio & video, interactive design and custom web applications to engage your visitors and keep them coming back for more. [/toggle] [toggle title=”Smoother experience? “]We build web pages that are quicker and highly responsive. Our best practices and contemporary methods ensure the right technology for your project.[/toggle] [/toggles_group] [/span6] [span6] At Exposyour, we focus on creating dynamic and custom website design with user experience at the core. We will ensure your website has all the kinks worked out. We steer clear of common pitfalls such as confusing navigation and poor page layout. There is no point to have an overly designed website if your visitors can’t find some simple contact information anywhere. We believe that the real way to measure a website is not only by its design (which is important) but by its effectiveness in sparking interest in your visitors and generating results. As a leading provider of website design, Santa Clara businesses know they’re in good hands with Exposyour. Call us today. [/span6]
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