As many as 61% of business-to-business (B2B) marketers say that lead generation is their number one biggest challenge. The truth is that you may have the most innovative and effective product on the market, but if your marketing strategies aren’t strong, you will inevitably struggle to draw in high quality leads. Trade shows are major marketing opportunities for B2B companies. Well-designed exhibits can boost your brand recognition and show off your product in a way that impresses and engages potential customers. An exhibit design company can help you create a jaw-dropping display that stands out in the crowd while clearly conveying your brand’s message. To get you started, here are a few basic design tips that every trade show exhibitor should understand.

Composition is Crucial The layout of your graphics can make all the difference in how visitors view your booth. Make sure you keep a good balance and use visual patterns to your advantage. People from Western cultures read from left to right, so that is where their eyes naturally tend to drift no matter what they’re looking at. Keep this in mind when considering graphic placement. Putting important information on the left side of your exhibits will ensure that your message is absorbed. A general rule to remember about trade show exhibit design is that graphic space should be 40% blank. This prevents information overload, which overwhelms the viewer and drives them away. Ultimately, only include text and graphics that help illustrate your main points and make the viewer want to learn more.

Make Your Text Readable Readability strongly relies on the typography you choose. Fonts without serifs, like Helvetica, are widely regarded as much easier to read. Your visitors shouldn’t have to squint or stand up close to be able to decipher your text. In fact, they should be able to read the words from several feet away. The general rule of thumb regarding font is to add an inch to the typeface for every foot away you anticipate the viewer to stand.

Color Matters Colors can determine the mood of any space. Visitors will likely make assumptions about your brand based on the colors present in your display. Your color palette should naturally mirror your brand’s logo and company colors, but it should also be welcoming and inviting for all attendees. Are you looking to have the most impressive exhibits and displays Silicon Valley has ever seen? Chances are you won’t be able to accomplish that on your own. Hire a qualified team of skilled designers today to make your next trade show more successful than ever.



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