Making the world beautiful, one brand at a time. ®

What we do

Since 2005, we’ve been serving brands with logos, branded swag, print materials, signage, event materials, packaging, web development, and more.


Who we are

With a fun, witty, and professional vibe, we are our clients’ biggest fans.

Trustworthy + Human

Distinguished + Fun

Innovative + Intentional

Timely + Precise

Mastery + Mission Driven

Knowledgeable + Visionary

Tactical + Instinctive

Bold + Reputable

With exceptional quality, guaranteed delivery, and a team of two dozen pros committed to your success, we’re here to serve and support you through every stage of growth.

A Word from Our Client

I believe in making the world beautiful, whether I’m reimagining the way your brand gets noticed or caring for your business at every stage of success.

When you partner with my team, you can count on us to champion your brand every step of the way, from stress-free development to seamless delivery.

Outside of work, I’m passionate about mentoring and serving my community on various nonprofits, such as the:

San Jose Police Activities League (Past-Chair)

Silicon Valley Chamber of Commerce (board member)

Silicon Valley Capital Club (Chair)

In my personal life, I enjoy spending time with my wife and twin boys, chess, traveling, fishing, swimming, mountain and road biking, drawing, painting, cooking (and eating!), wine enthusiast.

Hey, I’m Jamal Newborn

CEO/Founder of Exposyour and your business’s biggest fan

Our Story

15+ years of dreaming, developing, and delivering.


New beginnings

Exposyour is founded in Glendale, Maryland.


In full color

Exposyour becomes the dedicated designer for the 32-page Our Teens Magazine.


Making music

Def Jam and Interscope Records join Exposyour’s growing client roster.


Behind the scenes

Exposyour launches a white-label program to support fellow marketing and advertising agencies.


To the West

Exposyour moves its headquarters to Silicon Valley, to be surrounded by innovative founders and startups.


Widening the web

Assembling a digital department of content writers, analysts, public relations pros, and video animators, Exposyour offers a full range of online marketing services.


App influx

Exposyour guides startups through winning UI and app development, marketing strategies, and growth campaigns.


Event expansions

With the addition of exhibit and display operations, Exposyour offers clients a wider range of products and services.


Going global

Expanding digital reach, Exposyour begins offering its services worldwide, including the development of standalone websites.


Seeing Digital

Exposyour partners with Toshiba to create digital displays across the northern U.S.


Business of the year

Exposyour boosts white-label partnerships, launches Exposyour Motion Labs as a video animation and rendering studio, and is named Business of the Year by the Silicon Valley Chamber of Commerce.


An eye to the future

Expanding digital reach, Exposyour begins offering its services worldwide, including the development of standalone websites.

A Word from Our Client

Whatever you’ve got in mind, we’re here to get it done.

Contact us today to start your project.