touchscreen wayfinding digital displaysTechnology is advancing quickly, and its applications are changing how businesses advertise themselves and operate day-to-day. Touchscreen technology and video, in particular, have been especially useful for growing businesses. Here are a few ways that many modern businesses are using this unique touchscreen tech to boost their business.

Digital Catalogs

If you have a larger store, customers would greatly appreciate the ability to look through your inventory without wandering through your store. In this case, retail digital displays and video walls can be helpful as digital catalogs. Use your technology to help customers shop, giving them a better experience and encouraging them to do more of their shopping with you. You can also potentially turn these into self-service kiosks, depending on how much you want to feature this technology as part of your business.

Interactive Advertising

If you’ve got a trade show or convention coming up in your industry, digital displays can be useful in your example exhibit booths. Digital displays stand out against your competitor’s booths and keep attendees engaged. Because they’re interacting more with your advertisement, they’re more likely to remember your brand. About 50% of the largest 200 shows in the USA take place in just 3 cities: Las Vegas, Chicago, and Orlando. If you have a trade show coming up in one of these locations, consider making use of touchscreen technology in your booth. These larger trade shows are worth investing money on, since you’ll reach a large number of attendees.

Giving Directions

In certain retail environments, touchscreen technology can be useful as touchscreen wayfinding digital displays. Touchscreen wayfinding digital displays are great in mall settings in particular, where shoppers might need some help navigating the space and finding the store they’re looking for. The more easily shoppers can find their destination, the more likely they are to keep shopping afterwards, since they’ve got more time. These unique touchscreens can help improve customer experience and keep people from getting lost in your store or mall.

Digital displays that use touchscreen technology can be incredibly useful for your business, whether you’re using them in advertising or directly helping day-to-day operations in your business. For more information on digital displays and video walls, contact Exposyour today.