Making a name for yourself in the digital marketing world can be difficult. In order to increase the visibility of your business and its brand, you will need a good SEO technique, social media visibility, and a whole lot of patience. However, are you anxious to get clients knocking on your door now? One digital marketing tactic that will immediately pack a punch is your web design. Here are some quick and simple website design tips for digital newbies.

1. Look at your website from a customer’s perspective Every customer, especially new clients to your page, want a website with easy to find material. This includes a large header with both your name and contact information, easy to read blogs, and a navigable site.

2. Always have your content written from a beginner’s standpoint You will want to assume that your client doesn’t know anything about your products or services. This way you can appeal to all kinds of readers, from absolute beginners to industry experts.

3. Keep it simple Don’t go overboard with crazy fonts, bright pictures, and complex keywords with your web design. Choose a neutral color palate, only have a few medium-sized pictures on each page, and title every single page with a simple, to-the-point phrases. Remember that it is easy to get lost if the website is too complex, so you will want to keep it as simple as possible.

4. Responsive mobile design It seems that everyone has a smartphone nowadays, so it’s crucial you format your website to fit within a smaller screen. Not only is this beneficial for your SEO services, it is the one detail that will keep your consumers interested. In fact, 40% of all online shoppers will abandon a web page if it takes more than three seconds to load, so do what you can to optimize to the best of your ability.

5. Include strong calls to action A call to action is a piece of content that entices the reader to make a move and buy your product. Go beyond the simplified calls to action such as buy now or download today and try a more engaging approach. Use words and images in your web design, and act as if you are simply talking to a friend. With these tips in mind, you should expect customers at your door in no time!



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