Branding and Marketing for Consumer Packaged Goods

80% of products are purchased based on emotions, and only 20% of purchases are based on rational analysis of facts.

Viezure branding case study

Great branding that helps build an emotional connection with your customers doesn’t happen by accident. It requires strategy and relentless focus on your buyers.

We can help you drive sales and increase market share by revamping your brand and making it relevant to your audience.

Viezure branding case study

We Inject Your Product With Human Appeal

Trustworthy Products

We Help You Build Trust

Consumers are seeking comprehensive and up-to-date information about the products they buy and use. We help you take advantage of digital technology and build trust with your customers by having a consistent messaging across all platforms to communicate your brand values and product information.

Open conversation with consumers build trust. It is consumers who decide whether they like your product or not. Whether you are pursuing the DTC model or selling B2B, we act as your brand managers and sellers to make your message appealing to your target audience.

It is branding that builds a strong, honest, emotional connection that can boost trust between your product and consumers.

Talking about branding for CPG brands.

We Know Your Challenges

In the world of CPG brands, the main challenge is the miscommunication between marketers and sellers. Although they pursue a common goal, their focus is on different end-users: the category buyer vs. the consumer. We are here to act as a “universal translator” to solve this issue.

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We begin the process by speaking to your brand managers and sellers. Then we translate the data and insights from both groups into actionable brand strategy. We build a high-impact value proposition tailored for your consumers and interpret this data to what’s important to retailers. As a result, your value proposition translates into an actionable sales and marketing strategy.

A Word from Our Client
Our Vision

We Bring Clarity Into a Complex Process


We take time to understand your needs and discuss your long-term and short-term business goals.


Our branding process starts with an in-depth discovery phase based on whom and where you wish to reach out to.


We interpret every aspect of your business into your brand story.


We interpret every aspect of your business into your brand story.


We break down the brand development process into milestones to deliver measurable results at each step.


The first deliverables will be your brand identity, tagline, and other essential brand attributes.


Order extra services, such as UX/ UI


As a result of our work, you will receive a focused and robust strategy to continue growing your Fintech brand.

We Believe in Evolution. Not Revolution.

Brand promise is fundamental in the CPG space. Customers judge your brand on its reputation and brand values. Reputation takes time to build. That’s why if your brand is already out there, we carefully work with you to ensure that there are no radical changes in logos, packaging, and brand voice. We believe in evolution, not revolution.

We carefully evaluate every step of the change to ensure that your brand stays in line with the customer’s expectations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve got the answers

We deliver branding and marketing projects to businesses from various domains, including Tech, Manufacturing, Hospitality, Fitness, and more. We specialize in branding for small and medium businesses. However, we have experience working with enterprise-level projects too, for example, Accor Hotels.

We schedule an initial consultation call to find out what your primary goals are and what results you are looking to achieve with branding. We study your target audiences, competition, current perception of your brand and product, online presence, and social media strategy.

After our initial call, we will set up a Brand Core Workshop. After the Brand Core Workshop, you will receive essential building blocks of your brand, such as your company’s mission statement, company values, brand identity. We will conduct in-depth client research to define your customer archetypes. Additionally, you will receive a color palette and color research, branding fonts, and a high-level brand strategy outline. If you would like to make changes, we offer one round of revisions.

After your brand book is completed, we work with you to develop a comprehensive brand and marketing strategy for your business. It includes a full customer journey blueprint,  actionable social media map out blueprint, further industry research, and competitor analysis. Social media blueprint includes our suggestions on when and where to post throughout the month to guide your content calendar creation. We also review your current business performance reports on marketing performance and schedule a delivery call to discuss our suggestions and findings.

We are experts in traditional and digital marketing for small and medium businesses, product branding, packaging, design of exhibits and stands, web design. Our team has extensive experience in UI/UX design, content marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and much more.

There are several KPIs to measure the brand value and performance of the marketing strategy. They include your sales, profitability, investor relations, and market share. We will work with you on selecting the right KPIs for your business to make sure you allocate resources to the tactics with the highest return.

All our service offerings include 1 round of revisions. We can add more if required.

You can visit this page to have a look at examples of our branding and marketing projects.