Good marketing is crucial to online success, and with over 100 billion global searches being performed every month, it makes sense that you would want your website on that first page of search results. That’s where SEO services come into play, but maintaining a successful online presence isn’t all about keywords, either. So with your marketing campaign taken care of, here are some questions you should ask yourself before continuing.

Does your website look professional? Nearly 50% of online consumers say that a company’s website design is their number one criteria for determining whether or not a company is credible. If your home page looks like it came straight out of 2001, you may want to give it an update. Customers are less likely to trust your company if the website’s appearance leaves something to be desired. Bad web design shouldn’t be what’s keeping you from enjoying your success. If anything, your web design should be something you’re proud of, and something that your customers speak highly of.

Is your website functional and efficient? All of that SEO marketing means nothing if a consumer arrives at your website and can’t find what they’re looking for. A website can look stunning and fail to attract a single returning customer because of its lack of functionality. A lack of efficiency gives the impression that you only care about appearances, and doesn’t provide any incentive for your customers to return.

Is your website mobile friendly? A good mobile web design can go a long way. Approximately 46% of all mobile consumers say that if they arrive at a company’s mobile site and it isn’t functioning properly, they take it as a sign that the company has stopped caring. However, of all the companies that have launched a website exclusively for mobile devices, over 60% had noticeably higher sales figures. Creating and maintaining a successful online and mobile presence isn’t easy, but when it’s done right, it can work wonders for your company. Website design and functionality are two small pieces of a much larger puzzle, but no less important. Don’t let the visual and functional aspects of your website fall to the wayside when they could mean your success.


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