Facebook and Instagram have become the most interactive social media platforms across the globe. And, this extends beyond personal interactions.

We are talking huge opportunities for businesses to market their brands to consumers and other businesses. And, when companies effectively use Facebook and Instagram ads, opportunities are increased ten-fold. Both platforms offer targeted and story ads.

However, for the purpose of this article, we are going to focus on targeted ads and how they affect your life as an advertiser and as a consumer.

Targeted Ads

Using targeted ads, brands can advertise to targeted audiences based on demographics, age, location, specific interests, and relevancy.

This means that consumers see ads based on their interests and previous clicks. Algorithms in both Facebook and Instagram post the ads most relevant to you at the top of your feed for optimal viewing. For an advertiser, this keeps relevant brands “top-of-mind” for potential and return buyers.

Optimizing your social media ad strategy can greatly enhance your sales funnel, drawing in new customers and further establishing brand awareness.

TIP: Because Instagram is image based and Facebook is content based, a good rule of thumb is to use Instagram for growth in brand awareness and marketing, and use Facebook for direct response advertising.


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