Approximately 80% of companies not meeting their revenue goals attract fewer than 10,000 monthly visitors to their website, and contrary to popular belief, it may not be the result of search engine marketing. One of the biggest factors in the amount of web traffic a website receives is its design. Almost 46% of Internet users report that a website’s design is their number one criteria for determining the credibility of a company. So if you have bad web design, you can kiss all that traffic goodbye. But what makes a website’s design good or bad? Whether you’re just starting or want to provide advice to someone who is, here are four things you should never do when designing a website.

Blinking or Flashing Text Not only is this annoying, it can actually be dangerous to users with a history of epilepsy. In addition, flashing or blinking text and images on websites can increase the amount of loading time on your page. About 40% of users will abandon a page if it takes more than three seconds to load, so it’s best to avoid this altogether.

Browser-Specific Format If your website only works on a specific web browser or with a certain plugin, you’re going to lose traffic fast. The vast majority of Internet users will simply find a different site that works with their browser rather than jumping through hoops.

Page Counters As the owner and operator of a website, it’s important for you to be able to see how much traffic you’re receiving. However, that doesn’t mean your web design needs to incorporate a page counter. It’s easy for you to gain access to traffic information, but your visitors don’t need to see it.

Under Construction Pages If a page isn’t done or ready to be revealed yet, then don’t put a working link on your website. Users are deterred and frustrated by these “under construction” pages, and they can make your website look unprofessional and jumbled. Web design isn’t as easy as some make it out to be. Just as in any other industry, there are professionals who know the ins and outs. Above all else, you should consult a professional website designer to assist you with your design.


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