When the world around you is constantly in motion, it can be hard to sit still. One of the foremost principles of integrated marketing is that every aspect of your outreach — your websites, your merchant exhibits, your social media — should all revolve around a singular, cohesive brand identity. Yet sometimes even successful core brand identities require tweaks, updates, or complete makeovers. How do you know when it’s time to rebrand? While there’s no set alarm clock that you can program to go off when it’s time for a change, there are a few key considerations that may influence your decision.

You’re hitting the wrong demographic. The young people you started targeting 20 years ago may still love your brand, but they’re not exactly “young” anymore. It may be time to rebrand if you still want to reach today’s youth and stay hip with the kids, as they say.

Your company values have evolved. Whether you’ve just made a commitment to 100% renewable energy or you now exclusively cater to gluten-free vegan dog owners, your brand should reflect your company values. A change in appearances could signal to your customers the new you.

You serve a different function now. Additionally, a new purpose in your goods or services could require a total rebranding. This is especially true as brick-and-mortar businesses move more exclusively into the online and e-commerce world. By 2020, many experts believe that customers will be able to manage 85% of their consumer-to-business relationships without ever speaking to an actual human.

You’re lost in a sea of competition. Even the best integrated marketing ideas could fall flat if the look and message behind your brand simply blends in with every one of your competitors. Launching a new brand identity could help you rise above the noise and win the attention you crave. At the same time, rebranding is not a process to be taken lightly. You can’t simply transform your look and your company overnight because you’re bored, tired, or want to cash in on a trending fad. Likewise, don’t resist a change in strategy just because you’ve grown too attached to your current brand. Quality brand development should be focused and calculated. Your brand is your identity. While change can be good, it’s what’s inside that counts.



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