Integrated Marketing ensures that Marketing and Sales are a synchronized effort. Effective marketing should guide consumers through a sales funnel. Here at Exposyour, we offer the marketing solutions it takes to build an efficient sales funnel.

So, what is a sales funnel?

Think of the sales funnel as an illustration of the buyer’s journey. Knowing the route your “ideal” consumers take from brand awareness through conversion should be one of the early steps of forming your integrated marketing strategy. It is called a sales funnel because it is shaped like a funnel, wide at the top, getting narrower toward the bottom.But, how do we get there?

On the surface, the three most important aspects of any sales funnel are research, marketing, and follow-through. By studying consumer trends through your industry, you will begin to see patterns emerge. Some patterns can include point of first contact (ie., social media, brick and mortar), length of buy cycles (how long it takes a consumer to buy after first contact with your brand), and how consumers get from point A to point B.

Sales Begin and End with Marketing

Through integrated marketing with Exposyour, you create brand and service awareness through various marketing streams thereby creating interest in your brand’s products and services. When consumers form a relationship with your brand, they are more likely to not only buy your products and services but endorse your brand. An effective sales funnel should guide consumers through the initial purchase and keep them coming back for more.

Our strategy seamlessly integrates marketing and sales efforts. We focus on guiding your customers through the sales funnel to capture initial and repeat customers.

We provide marketing solutions for the various steps of the sales funnel: awareness, acquisition, activation, conversion, retention, and referral.

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