Social media management made simple

If your business struggles to keep up with social media, let us do the work. We will post, tweet, pin, and blog for you!

In 3 easy steps, you’ll be on your way!

How do we help businesses
get noticed on Social Media?

Custom content created with your brand guidelines

Bring your brand to life for more sales and reach. We understand your customers’ pain points and create content that answers their questions and solves their problems. Stand out with a message that engages and moves your audience.

We craft content that resonates with your target audience

We make sure your content is seen. We analyze the best posting times by running comprehensive reports on your accounts and looking at your competitors, and create a plan to get your content in the right place at the right time.

Our pricing is structured depending on the number of posts and social channels per week: 2,3,5,7, or more (custom plan).

We tailor the content for each platform individually.

You select your best platforms (or we help you choose them), and we post! We post to all social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and many more.

How to get started?

Our best-kept secret is…we have no secrets and value transparency!

1 : Kick-off

First, we get through the formalities and then have a kick-off call to get to know you, your brand, customers, team, and what’s vital for you when it comes to Social Media.

  • Payment

    Upon Signing up and with payment and billing systems in place, we can finally get to work on the fun stuff!

  • Onboarding questionnaire

    Next complete our onboarding questionnaire so we can understand your brand voice and requirements better.

  • Communication channels

    You pick your preferred channel of communication so that we can always keep you posted on the updates and keep in touch with your marketing team and designers.

2 : Content Plan

Designing social media content is our adventure. We want to inspire your customers with our ideas and stories.

  • In-depth research

    Our marketers will do extensive research in your niche and use this information to make sure you have relevant content for your specific industry. They will always keep your content fresh.

  • Let’s get creative

    Creativity and curiosity are the driving forces behind everything at Exposyour. Social media visuals aren’t too complex, but getting them right for each platform is. Our team will create custom branded graphic designs for your posts.

  • Captions, hashtags, keywords

    We craft captions respecting the style and the recommended word count for each social platform. We then promote your content further with well-researched hashtags to unlock more exposure for your posts.

3 : Creative Approval Process

Now that we’re done creating and reformatting your content for the last time, our work is done, right? Wrong. We send it to our proofreading and creative directors for review and approval via our content approval system.

They make sure each post has high-quality assurance before it goes live on the social platform!

4 : Going Live

Once the content is approved, it is time to go live. We start posting it according to the schedule we created earlier to get it in front of as many people as possible.

  • Accounts login information

    You provide us with your account login information, and we set them up in our social media scheduler.

Social Campaign Examples

Pay as you grow with our flexible
pricing plans.

Reach your audience on social media for a couple of dollars a day

*Disclaimer: Exposyour® is in no way affiliated with Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, or Twitter and is a 3rd party marketing agency.



Just starting my business and exploring social media



Scaling my business and want to start expanding my social media presence.



I want to diversify my audiences and tap into new niches.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve got the answers

We deliver branding and marketing projects to businesses from various domains, including Tech, Manufacturing, Hospitality, Fitness, and more. We specialize in branding for small and medium businesses. However, we have experience working with enterprise-level projects too, for example, Accor Hotels.

Sign-up through our website by selecting a posting plan. Complete our onboarding questionnaire and we will schedule an initial consultation call to find out what your primary goals are and what results you are looking to achieve with your social media campaign. We study your target audiences, competition, current perception of your brand and product, online presence, and social media strategy. The start posting!

After our initial call, we will set up a Brand Core Workshop. After the Brand Core Workshop, you will receive essential building blocks of your brand, such as your company’s mission statement, company values, brand identity. We will conduct in-depth client research to define your customer archetypes. Additionally, you will receive a color palette and color research, branding fonts, and a high-level brand strategy outline. If you would like to make changes, we offer one round of revisions.

Of course! You maintain full ownership of your social media profiles. Post, comment or engage just like normal with no limitations – we’ll be grateful for any pictures/videos that help spread the word about our company’s amazing products and services too 🙂

We are experts in traditional and digital marketing for small and medium businesses, product branding, packaging, design of exhibits and stands, web design. Our team has extensive experience in UI/UX design, content marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and much more.

There are several KPIs to measure the brand value and performance of the marketing strategy. They include your sales, profitability, investor relations, and market share. We will work with you on selecting the right KPIs for your business to make sure you allocate resources to the tactics with the highest return.

Your business is unique and so are your needs. That’s why we’ve created a customized process for our clients, starting with filling our onboarding questionnaire about you (the company) as well as researching what industry/area of expertise that will help us best serve yours!

No contract!  You are billed every 30 days from the day of your first payment.  You can cancel anytime you’d like but you must provide 14 days notice before your next billing.  However, most customers stay on on with us for a long time!