social media

It may not come as a shock that social media has greatly impacted modern-day marketing. For starters, the cost of interacting with a target audience has greatly decreased from the days of traditional marketing such as print ads, direct mail, TV commercials, and radio advertising. 

Now, brands are able to engage their target audiences through various social media streams including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube at little to no cost. This has opened up a new depth of brand loyalty and interaction with consumers that was previously unheard of. Through social media, companies can build brand awareness while simultaneously interacting with consumers. 

At the top level, social media offers:

Consider these stats:

But, don’t forget about LinkedIn. 

In talking to various companies, we consistently hear executives say that they don’t believe LinkedIn is the right platform for their marketing efforts. Not so fast, though.

Did you know…

Social media consistently proves that higher customer engagement leads to higher conversions. If you are looking for a way to ramp up conversions and enhance your sales pipeline, take the time to solidify your social media presence.