trade show displaysWhen you’re setting up your plans for your trade show exhibit booths, you want to ensure that your booth will stand out against the rest of the trade show displays. One of the top ways to do this is to make use of all the best technology trends that are showing up at trade shows across the country. Here are some of the top tech tips you can use for your trade show display this year.

Retail Digital Trade Show Displays

Banners, while effective, are fairly low-tech. They can get lost in the crowd a bit too easily if you aren’t careful, since every other booth will also feature some sort of colorful sign trying to grab the attention of trade show attendees. Instead, look for retail digital trade show displays or video walls that you can use to make your brand name and company stand out against the competition.

Giveaways And Business Swag

Promotional items can make a surprisingly large impact on your brand recognition with trade show attendees. 85% of consumers remembered advertisers who gave them a shirt or hat. However, next time you’re planning for items to give away at your trade show booth, see if you can incorporate technology in a creative way. Instead of a hat, try headphones with your company’s logo, or a simple phone accessory. The more likely your item is to actually be used, the more often your company’s name will get seen. This helps reinforce brand recognition and makes it more likely the trade show attendees will remember you.

Mobile-Friendly Booths

Nowadays, most people have their mobile phone on them at almost all times. This creates an interesting and unique opportunity for advertising, particularly at trade shows. Integrate mobile phone use into your trade show booth when possible by encouraging people to take pictures, share information on social media, and more. This will help build your social media and overall online presence while also getting people actively engaged with your booth.

Technology creates a variety of unique opportunities for your trade show booth. For more information on how to use technology like retail digital trade show displays, interactive video walls, and more, contact Exposyour today.