bannersLooking to make a splash at your next trade show? You’ll need to have plenty of technology to keep up with current trends. For most people, banners and table throws might work, but if you want to get ahead of the competition, you’ll need to bring your example exhibit booths into the twenty-first century. Here are the top technology trends you need for your next trade show.


Tech-friendly promotional items


Everyone knows that a good giveaway item or some business swag can go a long way when it comes to brand recognition and getting your company’s name out there. But are your promotional items tech-friendly and ready for the modern era? Instead of a normal wearable like a t-shirt or hat, try for small items that are tech-related that your potential customers will use. Headphones, thumb drives, and cell phone cases are all great places to feature your business’s name. Make sure that they’re technology items that your customers will use frequently; the key to having them remember your name is making sure they see it every time they use the item. If an item is simply going to sit on someone’s office desk and never get used, it won’t get the job done.


Video walls


Banners and signs might do a decent job at catching the attention of passersby, but the twenty-first century has more than these static options to offer. Video walls and integrated digital displays can help your trade show booth stand out against the rest of your competitors. You can incorporate more into a video display than you can with several banners: your company name, visual elements, charts, graphs, and more. Better yet, go one step further and make your exhibit interactive; the more people actively engage with your exhibit, the more they’ll remember you and your company. This is one trend you’ll want to get on as soon as possible. The interactive video wall market is expected to reach approximately $17,647 million by the end of 2023.


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