When it comes to really fueling your business, branding is key. There are obvious steps to creating and building a brand. Once you have your business name and strategy in place, the next step is your logo. Your logo is how people recognize your business. It’s your emblem, the symbolic representation of your company, products, and services.

Take Coca-Cola for instance. When you think of the brand, what image pops into your head? That an easy one, right?

So, why are logos so important?

First impressions last forever. So, it’s important to get it right the first time. If your logo is done well, it should pique the interest of consumers and drive them to your business.

Brand Recognition – Logos lay the foundation for brand identity and brand equity. Brand equity refers to the commercial value derived from perception of the customer while brand identity refers to your unique brand image.

So, what’s the process look like?

We start with a discovery conversation and questionnaire. This allows you to tell us your creative ideas and necessities.

Then, we start internal brand mapping. This means we dig deep into your company, brand, and strategies to produce the best representative logo for your company.

Next, our highly skilled design team will produce sketches or proofs for you to review. You are welcome to provide any feedback and edits you see necessary. When you receive your proofs, simply look them over to ensure everything is exactly as you pictured it.

Then, we take all of your input and begin our revision stage. Revision, of course, is the key to perfection. Upon completion of edits, we will provide another proof. Once approved, we will send you a set of logos in various formats. We send 6 formats so you can get company apparel, promotional products, business cards, websites, and magazine ads completed with the right specs.

Check out these sample proofs.

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