As technology advances, smartphones are growing in capability and in popularity. Smartphones used to be a luxury; they were incredibly high-tech (and expensive) pieces of technology that served as a “better” alternative to phones without Internet access or computer-like features. Now, as older technology phases out, smartphones have become more accessible to the average consumer. Due to the increase in smartphone usage, the mobile web is rapidly expanding. It’s a classic case of cause and effect: as more people obtain smartphones, more consumers are utilizing their ease and convenience to browse the Internet in the palm of their hand. Trends are changing and websites must adapt.

The truth is, if your website isn’t optimized for mobile usage, you’re going to fall behind in the world of Internet marketing. The bottom line is simple: if your websites aren’t compatible on mobile, you’re losing money. Over half (52%) of all paid search clicks come from mobile devices. If your business utilizes a pay per click marketing strategy, you are losing the valuable leads originating from mobile web pages.

A Full 62% of companies with mobile web sites had an increase in sales. Smartphones act as an all-in-one resource for many people, so it is likely that a consumer will use their mobile device to search for, research, and contact a company in one fell swoop. If they cannot access your website on mobile, they will most likely go right to your competitor who has a mobile site. Even if your website is accessible on a mobile device, it needs to be optimized for speed and legibility.

There is a difference between viewing the desktop version on a site and viewing the mobile version. Desktop versions tend to run slower because the coding is more complex. Today’s smartphone user wants instant gratification; a full 40% of people will abandon a web page if it doesn’t load within three seconds. You need to provide functional and effective solutions for your customers with a well developed mobile website that displays information quickly and efficiently. Another solution is to develop a mobile application that is accessible separate from an Internet browser.

By providing your customers with a specially designed app, you are creating a unique experience that will strengthen your brand presence in an easy-to-use interface. People like convenient, responsive applications that provide the information they are looking for in one location. To keep up with the ever-changing consumer and Internet trends, you need to develop a reliable and effective mobile application or website that your customers will love. If your business has a strong presence on the Internet, you will be suited for success as mobile usage continues to increase. Don’t miss out on valuable mobile web traffic — get started with mobile optimization today. Author: Exposyour 


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