Facebook and Instagram Ads

Facebook Instagram Ads

Facebook and Instagram have become the most interactive social media platforms across the globe. And, this extends beyond personal interactions. We are talking huge opportunities for businesses to market their brands to consumers and other businesses. And, when companies effectively use Facebook and Instagram ads, opportunities are increased ten-fold. Both platforms offer targeted and story […]

Sales Funnel

sales funnel

Integrated Marketing ensures that Marketing and Sales are a synchronized effort. Effective marketing should guide consumers through a sales funnel. Here at Exposyour, we offer the marketing solutions it takes to build an efficient sales funnel. So, what is a sales funnel? Think of the sales funnel as an illustration of the buyer’s journey. Knowing […]

Social Media As A Dynamic Marketing Tool

social media marketing

It may not come as a shock that social media has greatly impacted modern-day marketing. For starters, the cost of interacting with a target audience has greatly decreased from the days of traditional marketing such as print ads, direct mail, TV commercials, and radio advertising.  Now, brands are able to engage their target audiences through […]

Developing A Marketing Strategy

Each new year brings new and innovative demands to any marketing strategy. Nowadays, digital marketing is where it’s at. It is important that your marketing strategy keep up with today’s technological advancements. However, some of the tried and true staples of a marketing strategy still hold clout. For example, marketing plans should still answer the […]

Benefits of Business Swag

business swag

Boosting Your Business Swag Businesses do a lot to advertise. From creative banners to video walls and retail digital displays and business swag, there is no end to the ways they attempt to capture a consumer’s attention. This is especially true for local businesses. Over 70% of people who did a local search, went on […]

Corporate Signage Still Matters in Digital Age

What’s in Sign? When we think of corporate signage, we think integrated marketing displays that offer personality and promise. Integrated marketing displays promote brand recognition, brand loyalty, and trust in service. Despite many companies focusing on digital marketing, there’s still a lot of clout in having adequate and effective corporate signage. Whether its an awning […]

Marketing Strategy: Integrating Inbound, Experiential, & Outbound


Marketing strategy is all about nurturing relationships with consumers to keep them satisfied and loyal to your brand. We define Integrated Marketing and it’s value here. By using Integrated Marketing strategies, your company can greatly enhance all marketing efforts. In the end, Integrating Inbound Marketing, Experiential Marketing, and Outbound Marketing strategies can make it easier to track ROI, increase […]

5 Tips to Get the Most From Your Business Swag

business swag

Giving away products with your brand name on them is a great way to build awareness of your products and services. It has been estimated that almost 72% of people who attended a trade show and left with promotional products remembered the names of the companies who gave them out. giving out business swag is […]

Integrated Marketing: Seamless and Consistent


A cohesive brand and marketing strategy calls for a consistent and cohesive message through all marketing funnels. If your marketing strategies do not merge seamlessly, the damage can be downright devastating. Luckily, Integrated Marketing seamlessly unites all marketing channels for consistency and continuity. Why? Marketing is about nurturing potential customers. After you have nurtured those […]

The Top 3 Trade Show Display Trends

Marketers and business owners who are dedicated to increasing their Return On Investment (ROI) must make a positive impact at industry trade shows. Business swag and fun promotional items are memorable. In fact, 85% of visitors remember the advertiser who handed them a hat or shirt. However, to generate the type of results you’re looking […]